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Relationships that make a difference. is a year-long mentoring program that starts when Teen Reach Adventure Camp ends. Mentors volunteer at camp, so the match is not “cold” like many mentoring programs. This powerful connection leads to a strong foundation to help at-risk youth become successful.

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Become a TRAClife Mentor
Continue a trusting & stable relationship that originates at Camp

Basic Requirements

  • Participate in CAMP

  • A year-long commitment

  • Face-to-face 2x a month with mentee

  • Complete TRAClife application

  • Fingerprint & Background Check

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Meet Minimum vehicle liability insurance

" a going church for a coming savior"

710 Zane HWY
Martns Ferry, OH 43935
740 633 0599

710 S. Zane Hwy

Martins Ferry OH 43935
740 633 3615

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